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Many people believe that receiving a weekly or monthly salary is the reason you came to work. The money we receive is obviously important, but we look for something extra in everything we do. The something extra is called humanity and we expect to be treated in a way that recognizes us for the talents and abilities that we have.

And Yes, we’re still counting. And the numbers will only increase now that we’re expanding our network. That’s why we’re looking for entrepreneurial individuals who wanted to work together.

As long as you have the passion and drive in the industry, speak to us, ring us up. And the best part is we’ll share secrets that have sparked the successes of our businesses to date.

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Our greatest desire as humans is to be recognized. However recognition and appreciation in the context of employment are seldom experienced.

These are some of the benefits you will enjoy as one of our partner or affiliate

  • Run Your Own Campaigns And Projects
  • Support Of Seniors Across The Industry
  • Exponential Business And Personal Growth
  • Build Your Fortune Together With Your Team
  • Work On Flexi Hours And Even Flexi Projects
  • Surround Yourself With Like Minded, Fun, Ambitious People

Here at Hoffnungs, it is unlike the corporate world where when we contribute to the success of the team, the leader gets the recognition and we perpetually hope that they may give us a small performance bonus, which is usually absorbed by cost cutting initiatives to ensure the directors get huge bonuses for all the so-called 'hard work' they do.

Hence, Join us on this journey together!